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Creating a information architecture solution

This isn't your run-of-the-mill marketing team. We are ROI (return on investment) focused, believe transparency is key with our clientele and make sure we are not just publishing; We interact with the community by liking, sharing, advertising, design and research to build up your target audience.

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What pops up when your business is searched for?

Starting from scratch? It's okay, we got you. Our digital public relations development team specializes in website development, SEO and integrations which make your life easier.

Our Top Services

Publishing MGMT

  • Developing a readership based on useful storytelling
  • Actually liking, commenting and re-sharing across your network
  • Collaborative posting schedule for client transparency
  • One social media ad per month
  • Clear client reporting, goals and expectations upfront

Website Development

  • Creating one website landing page or blog post per month
  • Tracking and reporting all conversion rate analytics
  • Setting up integrations for e-commerce, appointment scheduling, taking orders and much more
  • Building out a style which fits client expectations and needs

Client Relations MGMT

  • Building out an infrastructure for market development
  • Form building to stand up lead generation and/or internal form-fill capabilities
  • Tagging contacts, delegating commentary and allocating resources
  • Cataloging data points for large-scale campaign deployment

History Behind 1KM.Agency

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