Build a following with social selling.

The best way to create a consistent readership currently is by engaging the public, getting your voice heard and building a foundation of context. Today’s business owner’s process majority of their tasks digitally to upkeep routines which must be maintained. Productivity would slip otherwise and eventually create fluctuation on your bottom line. Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for example, have an impact on your business whether your on it or now. All ‘successful’ businesses must have respective channel to acquire feedback and grow within their market. Especially for products and services which pride themselves as an artist like this previous client.

Our team has managed social media for an staggeringly large amount of business for all sorts of reasons, all valid. Reason such as promoting youth support events, live-streaming chats, political campaigns, retail sales, community building, surveying, lead generating and much more. All with a goal, a passion and desire to succeed.

Social Media Management

  • Starting at 5 posts per month
  • Actually liking, commenting and re-sharing across your network
  • Collaborative posting schedule for client transparency
  • One social media ad per month
  • Clear client reporting, goals and expectations upfront

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